Packard Engineering

Daniel J. Packard, P.E./S.E. (d.b.a. Packard Engineering since 1998) provides professionally licensed Structural Engineering services in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa (structural), Nebraska (civil), Arkansas, Colorado, Arizona (structural), and Ohio.

Clients include Architects, Owners, Engineers, Manufacturers, Contractors, Realtors, Property Managers and Facility Managers.

Project Types: 

Buildings       Offices, recreation centers, education buildings, industrial facilities, medical facilities, commercial centers, hotel/motels, parking garages, religious facilities, multi-unit residential buildings, warehouses, laboratories, homes, and public safety facilities
Structures     Water/wastewater treatment plant and pump station facilities, solar power panel mounts/foundations, bridges and culverts, tunnels, stadium seating, retaining walls, storage tank foundations, pools and fountains

30 Years of Experience
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